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“When our son Kellen was born we were so surprised that as a newborn he didn’t just sleep and eat all day like most newborns we knew. He screamed during his awake hours and fought sleep. He also was very gassy which kept him up most of the night. My sister-in-law suggested trying chiropractic as it had helped my nephew with the same issues. We felt so hopeful after meeting for Kellen’s first screening at 5 weeks old. We learned he was operating in ‘fight or flight’ mode with the gas pedal to the floor and needed assistance in pressing his neurological brake pedal. We immediately saw results with Kellen’s gas issues after our first adjustment. She was gentle with the newborns and has a passion for helping families with concerns like ours. We continued to see Dr. Elise a couple times per week and now at 4 months, Kellen is a much happier, calmer baby! We are so grateful for her help and have had our eyes opened to the benefits of chiropractic for all ages!”  —Darcy


“When I first brought my daughter, Annie, in I was shocked to find out that she has essentially been living in ‘fight or flight mode’ her entire life. She had always been high-strung and very demanding. Within a few visits I started to see a change in her. Now, several months later, everyone who knows her comments on the fact that she is a different child. She is more independent, calm and happy. I am so grateful.”  —Tyana


“Avery was diagnosed with reflux which affected her sleep, feeding, and breathing. She has had to sleep inclined since birth, and has been on reflux medication since she was just two months old. She saw Dr. Elise at 6 months old for her first adjustment. Since that day, Avery has been able to sleep flat in her crib, and is medication free! Dr. Elise DeCamp is a very gentle and playful chiropractor and Avery enjoys seeing her! In the past two months my family has even noticed and commented on what a different temperament Avery has since going to the chiropractor. They said she is not as fussy and more enjoyable to be around.”  —Haley

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