Insurance and Pricing

Self-Pay (Cash/Debit/HSA) Fees:

New Patient Visit: $150
- For patients who have never been in the office before. This appointment typically takes around 40-60 minutes, includes your first 
15 min sesson

Re-Exam: $85

- Typically performed every 3 months, but can vary on patient treatment plans. Your Re-exam will include the exam and a 15 min session

15 minute session: $65

- Treatment includes some brief soft tissue therapy and any necessary adjustments. Regular treatments are generally around 15-20 minutes of quality care and therapy

30 minute session: $100

- Treatment includes extra time for more tissue work. Extra tissue therapies include cupping, IASTM, taping, and localized deep tissue work. Then we follow through with any needed adjustments to complete your session. 

Pediatric Adjustment:

$95 for initial, $65 thereafter


As of January 15th, 2022, Family Roots is no longer billing insurance directly. (Except for REGENCE)

However, you can still get use out your benefits if you are out of network!
- After you pay up front at the time of service for your visit, all we have to do is print off or email a superbill and you can either mail it in to your insurance or submit online for reimbursement. 

A superbill is essentially an itemized receipt with diagnosis codes (ICD 10) and CPT codes that insurance needs to process a claim. After submitting to your insurance, they process it as a claim and will likely reimburse you for your visit. 

This makes it less messy for insurance payments as well as any billing errors.

*** Keep in mind that insurance will NOT pay for soft tissue therapies. They will pay for the adjustments ONLY, so this can make your insurance claim seem higher and can be much cheaper just paying out of pocket. We are happy to work with you and bill/charge what is easiest for you :) 


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